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Failover Operation In Conjunction with Fail-Open Kits

We have a pair of M-4050 sensors in a failover configuration deployed in a two-path network with asymmetric routing.

We want to introduce fail-open kits onto both sensors.

My question is:

  1. If Sensor 1 fails, will its fail-open kit detect this and switch to bypass mode, with the result that traffic path 1 will continue to flow but will no longer be monitored?
  2. Or will fail-open kit 1 NOT open path 1 and Sensor 2 will take over monitoring both traffic paths? In this scenario I assume that fail-open kit(s) only open the path(s) if BOTH sensors fail?

Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: Failover Operation In Conjunction with Fail-Open Kits

The failopen kit only functions based on the health of the sensor it is attached to, so bypass mode will activate regardless of the health of the other sensor.

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