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Defragmentation of NSM servers - Real world suggestions?


Installation Guide - McAfee® Network Security Platform 7.0, page 15:

"Do NOT attempt to defragment the MySQL directory using an O/S defrag utility. To defragment MySQL tables, use a MySQL-specific utility, myisamchk available in the <mysqlinstallation>\bin directory."

The default disk fragmentation utility (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter) does not seem to include any options to exclude directories from the defragmentation process.  From a quick search around, there looks to be a utility called WinUtilities Free Disk Defragmenter that will allow you to configure exclusions (  I note that Server 2008 is not in the supported Windows release list (

Q) Is there anybody out there who is aware of any way that you can configure the *inbuilt* disk defragmenter in Windows 2003/2008 to exclude the MySQL bin directory from the defragmentation process?  In a production environment, it can sometimes be a non-straightforward task to get another product installed in order to carry out the required task.

I have been digging around but essentially the only two options I can see are 1)Download a free/commercial disk defragmenting tool, or 2)Dont defragment :-)


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