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Level 7


Hi All.

Has anyone come across this error message before -

DATGTICommunicationSmiley Very HappyATGTICommunicationFailure:ConnectionFailure 

The NSM is triggering the alert. I have acknowledged the alert, but another one generates in 5 minutes.

I figured it has something to do with GTI communication issue? I dont have GTI configured at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: DATGTICommunication

I believe this happens whenever McAfee is having issues with their GTI environment (or you having connectivity issues to their servers of course).  We've been seeing the same things lately too, so I suspect it is on McAfee's end.

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Level 13

Re: DATGTICommunication

Hi Imac,

We received a few of these errors recently. They were infrequent and stopped by themselves.

Even if you don't have GTI configured you're managers will still communicate with the GTI server for updates.



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Re: DATGTICommunication

I've had one of these alerts as recently as 20:36 EST yesterday (07-Apr-2015).  It cleared a little over two minutes later, but there still seem to be some issues.

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