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Cant Connect Manager To M Series Sensor

Hi All,

I am doing some pre-staging work for some M Series sensors.

I have an M2950 connected directly to my laptop which is running NSM.

I cant seem to establish a trust between them. I have configured the IP's okay and both device names are the same.

I cant ping one device from the other either.

If i reboot the M Series, when it comes back up it says: "

**A factory default configuration has been detected**

Would you like to run the Sensor Configuration Wizard now?


I have been through the troubleshooting steps listed in the troubleshooting guide but its still not working.

Any ideas?

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Re: Cant Connect Manager To M Series Sensor

Hi Drpepper12,

Is the M2950 connected to your laptop via the console port?

Do you have the sensor connected to the network via it's management port?

If you run the 'show' command on the sensor is it displaying the correct network settings?

Did you use the the wizard to set up the sensor or set it up manually?



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Level 7

Re: Cant Connect Manager To M Series Sensor

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response.

I have just figured it out in the last 10 minutes.

When i went through the setup process, i left the default ip for the sensor in place as i saw no reason to change it for testing purposes.

Apparently, the sensor does not like this one bit!!!

As soon as i changed it to a it established the trust within about 30 seconds!!!

One to bare in mind for the future

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