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virus and spyware protection

my virus and spyware protection runs out on the 18/10/16 but it says it is off do i not have it or am i doing something wrong?

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Re: virus and spyware protection

I moved this to My Account Online as a better spot for it.

First ensure that your system clock is accurate, date, time and time-zone.

Then right-click your taskbar icon and click Verify Subscription - see if that fixes it.

If not try running the Virtual Technician to see if it fixes the problem.

If that fails to fix it, click that link again and go down to Contact Support  and click Contact

You can speak to Customer Service free of charge or use the online chat feature, also free.

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Re: virus and spyware protection

Hello Alfie,

I understand that your Virus and Spyware protection is Off. Please check if there are any McAfee updates available by navigating to Updates > Check for updates from the main user interface.

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