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Hello i wanna buy a mcafee product for my pc but i can't pay with paypal or the bank ? plz help

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Re: paypal

We have no access to that side from these forums but I don't believe that form of payment is accepted in all places.  You would have to ask Customer Service

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Re: paypal

Ok this old so posting answer and closing thead

Got your answer . Basically, the additional purchase options don't show up when you are outside of the region of your original purchase. 

This constraint exists in the system due to certain legal and contractual considerations. Typically, a user is restricted to only Card options (MC/Visa) when she is an existing consumer trying to make a purchase in a currency/site different from their country of first McAfee purchase as per the billing info on file.

The non-card payment options that we provide on different sites have some currency specific limitations built-in such that we don't expose them to users who have an address on record which is different than the site/country being visited.

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