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How do I add another  home computer for the whole internet protection?I just purchased this Mcafee with 3 liscenses.Can anyone help with this issue?

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Re: license

So I assume you licensed 1 so far if so  you would have created an account when you were doing this. To add another 1 log into the Mcafee account with the email and password you created and go to my account subscriptions and add a device and it will take you through adding another PC.

some reading matter that may help

These are to use if you have a problem

If still having issues please call customer service support and they will assist you

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Re: license

Hi Peacekeeper,

On similar lines, my new Windows 8.1 64-bit PC came with LiveSafe, and after 30 days, that has now expired.  I have added a McAfee Internet Security (3 user) subscription to my existing (3 user) subscription on my account, and despite finding a way that generated a 15-digit security key/code, it seems to refuse to install on the new laptop.  The Chat service does not want to work on my 64 bit machine, so technical help is limited, and my new PC is now vulnerable.  Do I have to battle to evict LiveSafe before I can put my choice of McAfee product on the PC?



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Re: license

You would have to completely uninstall, cleanup, reboot and reinstall as your license is for a different product.

See the procedure in my signature below - How to Uninstall.......


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Re: license

auntbea & hud_engineer,

Any technical issue that you may encounter while doing the process, please free to call McAfee Technical Support Team. They are the expert on this.

866-622-3911 option 1 for TS.

Moderator selvan
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Re: Re: license

Hi ,

I believe this number is for users from North America and it changes for users in other part of the world. I would suggest users to reach out to our Support site and select their country from the drop down for correct Phone number.


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Re: Re: license

Yes, exactly

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Re: license

1. Internet Security, Email Spam Protection, Online Backup | Internet Security 2014 | McAfee-

- helpful screenshots are available on this link as well

2. How to download and install McAfee consumer products

- easy to follow steps is on this support link

3. Services and Support for Home and Office

- FAQs list, welcoming new tech information!