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Why does McAfee keep taking payments from my Credit Card?

Why have McAfee taken a payment of £41.49 from my credit card on 23.12.2010. I informed them last year that I am now with Sky Broadband who have McAFee as part of their Broadband package.  I pay over £3.00 per month for McAFee already. I asked them to kindly cancel this subscription and update my records to name me as a Sky customer. This time they did not even send me a renewal notice so I could inform them yet again that I am with Sky - they just took the money from my credit card. I have asked the live chat to refund my £41.49 as soon as possible as I already pay £3.00 per month to McAfee in my Sky payments!!!

Live Chat have been helpful in assisting me and have promised to refund the payment and stop the unauthorised payments being taken from my credit card but I still feel it is unfair because I may have to pay charges on my credit card now due to going over the limit!!!

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Re: Why does McAfee keep taking payments from my Credit Card?

Hello susan,

The Automatic renewal feature (Always on Protection feature) ensures that customers are continuously protected by automatically renewing customers yearly subscription at the current product price using the credit card or debit card information that is currently under the customer’s account information. This feature was implemented because of strong customer demand for continuous protection. And moreover since you have cancelled the feature and was informed the same from our technicians , Your account will no longer be automatically renewed.

Sorry for any confusion. Hope you enjoy your stay with Sky-McAfee .

Thanks &Regards,

Dinesh K

McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: Why does McAfee keep taking payments from my Credit Card?

For two years now we have been charged when we did not update our credit cards for McAfee.  They have fraudulantly updated themselves.  I cannot remove my credit card information, either.  Supposed to have a call from someone from McAfee but still no response from them.  We have not had any activity with McAfee since 2012 but still are charging us.  So very irritating.  Will be reporting this to our bank.  We received countless emails saying this is your last notice or you will not receive protection from McAfee but still updated our information without our permission.  WRONG is WRONG

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Re: Why does McAfee keep taking payments from my Credit Card?

You've already been answered here:

Locking this thread as it's 3 years old.

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