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When Technical Support Fails us, what shall we do?!!

I been strongling for the last month to installe my Mcafee package from my online account on a new laptop with Win7 Home Premium and IE9.  two to three technical support tried to install it for me without any success.  Finally, they told me to contact custom service.

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Re: When Technical Support Fails us, what shall we do?!!

Usually the best thing to do is re-contact support and ask them to escalate the case to a higher level.  Have they reached that level?  It would involve people actually linking up with your machine most likely.

As it's the weekend I don't know if anyone will be patrolling here until Monday, but that's my suggestion for now.  Meanwhile it might help any McAfee person reading this if you posted the case ID numbers from your contact with Support.

It would also help to know details of the operating system, service pack and how you connect to the Internet.  Also, what product is it that you are trying to install?

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Re: When Technical Support Fails us, what shall we do?!!

Hi samulhim,

Could you please let us know what exact issue with McAfee installation on your computer? Are you getting any kind of error message?

Also it’d be fine, if you give information about your Operating System installed along with Service Pack and internet connection.

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