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Unexpected server access error

I have an active purchase and have removed McAfee and wanted to reinstall it. Unfortunately the link does not work and the download ends at an "Unexepted server acces error"  HELP!!! - see below screenshots.

I have sent MANY mails via the support site - but no reply. I have paid forMcAfee scurity but this company seems not to react. There is a big risk of damage on my PC since I am unprotected and since I do not want to wait until the damage happens, I will most likely contact a laywer within the next days.

Task: I would like to reinstall (and re-download) McAfee Internet Security according next pic:. My purchase is valid until Dec. 28th, 2011, but I have now inactivated automatic renewal due to this problem. I was satisfied McAfee customer for 3 years.

For McAfee people: See also my service request:   Service Request #: 791982035

Is there anybody who had the same problem and knows the solution. Or went McAfee bankrupt and the server is therefore down?


Here a series of screenshots for understanding what is the problem.

1. Start is the MyAccount page/View purchased products:


2. After pressing „download“


3. After pressing „I agree“


4. After pressing „Download“


5. After pressing „Ausführen“ (German for Run, Execute)

The following sequence starts automatically:



After about 1 minute the following windows occurs:


I want to install the recommended version (complete installation) -

6. After pressing „Next“:


7. After prssing „Close“


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Re: Unexpected server access error

Until someone from McAfee answers this which hopefully they will soon, from my experience that error simply means that there is a server problem at McAfee preventing the download from continuing and the only thing you can do is re-attempt the procedure.

Just for the record, what is your operating system and service pack?

Did you have any security software previously installed and if so, did you completely remove it including using a removal tool?


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Re: Unexpected server access error

Hi Ex-Brit!

Operating system: Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1

McAfee was used since this Vaio was purchased. I have first uninstalled than also used McAfee removal tool

Every time the result was the same - as descrbed.

In the meantime I have activated Windows 7 internal firewall, which reportedly is not bad and also  installed the free antivirus program AVAST, which has very good comments from several user magazines and should quality wise match withthe paid solutions. Maybe this will fully substitute McAfee for me, and will bing me an annual saving of 50 EUR or more per year! I hope it will work fine!

Looks like: Bye-bye McAfee!

The starting point for the whole thing was the following, which is extremely embarassing for McAfee (especially the answer!!) and which also show a very week service. I have removed all names and mail adresses.

Hi .....,


Thank you for contacting McAfee WaveSecure Technical Support.

We apologize for the inconvenience. You have contacted 'WaveSecure Technical Support' for mobiles.

I see that the issue you have described is pertaining to your PC and for Windows OS. I would like to share with you that I am not adequately trained to provide you with an appropriate resolution for the query.

Peter, I therefore request you to visit and choose the option 'Technical Support' through which you can contact either the Free TS Chat or the other available Phone Support options. For any customer service related issues, please contact McAfee Customer Service at: 1-866-622-3911 or you may even use the 'Free CS Chat' option.

However, if your issue is regarding WaveSecure on Mobile, please provide us more information regarding your issue.

We appreciate your business with us, please feel free to visit us at for all of your McAfee related support needs.

Thanking you.



Technical Support – Mobile

McAfee Inc.

In case this email does not fully answer your question, or you would like to contact us for any reason, simply reply to this email.


This email message is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain information that is confidential, privileged, proprietary and protected from disclosure by applicable law. Any unauthorized review, use, duplication, disclosure or distribution is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and immediately destroy all copies of this message, including electronic and hard copies. Thank you for your cooperation.

-----Original Message-----


Sent: Nov 25, 2011 3:43:40 AM

Subject: McAfee Customer Service - SR-791700397

This message has been sent from an automated email address. Please DO NOT reply.                     

Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Support.

We have recently opened a Service Request for support based on the information you provided us at our support website. Below you will find the details of this request for your reference.

-    Order #:

-    Service Request #: 791700397

-    Created Date: 11/24/2011 16:12:18

-    Description: I have McAfee installed but recently a problem Internet connection EXTREMELY slow nearly stopping when Mcafee firewall on. When I shut off the Mcafee firewall internet is fast immediately. PLEASE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!

Please feel free to visit us at for all of your McAfee related support needs.


McAfee Consumer Support


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Re: Unexpected server access error

Customer Service only deal with account issues and can't help you with anything technical.  Technical Support probably could have sorted it out for you and it's free by phone or online chat.

Anyway good luck.

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Re: Unexpected server access error

Hi! Online chat and phone (I am in Sweden) is only available during (my) working time - this is very inconvenient for me, since this is my private laptop. Or are they available NOW or TOMORROW (Sunday)?

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Re: Unexpected server access error

Hi Ex-Brit, AND:

THE ANSWER CAME FROM TECHNICAL SUPPORT (not from customer support)

See above is signed by:



Technical Support – Mobile

McAfee Inc.

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Re: Unexpected server access error

Sorry I misunderstood, so you already have a service request under way for this.  The only way you could get service outside your local hours would be to use online chat and change the country (top right of page) to a place that has 24/7 service such as USA or Australia or maybe the UK.

Anyway hopefully someone will get back to you on that service request and/or someone from McAfee will spot this thread and offer advice.

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Re: Unexpected server access error

Yupp, I have sent a link to this conversation to McAfee. They also have my phone number.

If they have a good service, then they will call me and discuss with me about WHEN they can solve the problem. But first they should check why their download server does not work.

After reinstallation and if McAfee is still nearly blocking my internet, then they should check what is wrong either with McAfee program or my settings.

Anyhow: Thanks for the answers!

FYI - another very embarassing answer from McAfee Sweden - most likely a serious software problem at McAfee:

I did not follow the turn off Net Guard recommendation, since I already had removed McAfee.

Dear ....,

Thank you for contacting Mcafees Technical Support.My name is ... and I have received your email.
As far as I understood,  your problem is that  Mcafee nearly completely blocks your internet connection.
I would like to inform you that McAfee is aware of this problem and our technicians are in the process of fixing this issue.
When our technicians find solution of the problem you will get automatic updates.
I apoligize for the caused inconvenience.
To temporary fix the problem, open McAfees Security Center. Click on Firewall-Settings-Net Guard. Then you have to TURN OFF Net Guard.
Wait 30 secunds and then try to surf. I think this will solve your problem at the moment.

Do not hesitate to contact us again if you have furhter questions or if your problem is not solved.

Your reference number for that case is 791703580.You can use it if you contact us again with the same issue.


McAfee Technical Support

-----Original Message-----
From: ...

Sent: Nov 25, 2011 12:44:21 AM
Subject: McAfee kundtjänst – SR-791703580

Detta meddelande har skickats från en automatisk e-postadress. Svara inte.                                                                                                                                                

Tack för att du kontaktar McAfees kundsupport.
Vi har nyligen öppnat en servicebeställning för support baserat på den information du gav oss på vår supportwebbplats. Nedan följer detaljer om beställningen som referens.

-    Ordernummer:
-    Servicebeställning: 791703580
-    Skapad: 11/24/2011 16:43:31
-    Beskrivning: I am customer, but now have selected to stop automatic renewal, since I found out that recently Mcafee is nearly completely stopping my internet connection. If you can solve the problem I will stay customer, otherwise I am sorry to leave after my contract expires on Dec. 28th. I write these lines with Mcafee firewall shut off - it would not be possible with your firewall running.
I look forward for your reply! Best regards! ....

Gör gärna ett besök på för alla McAfee-relaterade supportbehov.

Med vänlig hälsning,
McAfee kundsupport

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Re: Unexpected server access error

Well good luck.  Someone will get back to regarding that service request, meanwhile hopewfully a support person will spot this thread anyway and post here.

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Re: Unexpected server access error

Hi Peter123,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the download .  Could you please let us know if you still have the issue and also let us know How your PC is connected to internet – (DSL/Cable/Wireless)


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