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McAfee keeps getting amnesia on license - is there a fix?

I've used the McAfee products for Win PC for several years, but am increasingly frustrated on the bugs associated with the activation, and the software forgetting it's activated.

We have a (3) user license for Internet Security, however, every couple of weeks, my wife's computer will display a McAfee error message that the license has expired (it has not), and she is very frustrated that this keeps happening. The product refuses to hold its activation after we set it, and the only fix seems to be to download a fresh copy of McAfee to re-install as there is no "activate" or "link to account" button within the already-installed product; they only options the software provides are to purchase something, not to "refresh" or "fix" ... it seems like a scam to scare people into buying something, and it had my wife very upset ... shame on McAfee!

This is most annoying and a real waste of time to have to do this every couple of weeks, so much so, I am unlikely to stay with McAfee products in the future unless I find a fix. With that being said, when I go to my McAfee account, it shows that my subscription is current and lists my wife's computer, however, there seems to be no way to force the already-installed McAfee on here computer to see this (without a re-install).  I have notice that my account for McAfee not only lists my current software, but also shows each previous year's expired version of the same software (what's the point of that?). I can't help but think the installed software gets confused as to whether to look at the current installed version or look at the old, expired versions. Is there anyway to delete these old subscriptions as a possible way to correct this problem?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Re: McAfee keeps getting amnesia on license - is there a fix?

You could try to follow the steps in this

If no success then try to see if it resolves the problem.

If still having problems then contact Technical Support under Useful links at the top of this page

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Re: McAfee keeps getting amnesia on license - is there a fix?

Hi there,

This could be  because the subs on the second PC not syncing up with your account details ,

Please check the date and time on the affected PC (from the right bottom corner)

If they are set right, please continue with the steps outlined by K3tg, from here :

Select the concerned subscription during the process and restarting the PC would take care of the issue.

Kindly get back to us if you encounter any issues post the fix !!!


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