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McAfee Subscription: It won't let me active my Subscription

I am using a Intel Processor Core Duo 2 with 4GB of RAM. My Operating System is Windows XP: Profressional 32 bit. I have a subscription for my Dell Laptop which comes to expire October 2012 (This Year), and My computer has had a series of problems over the course. I have had to reinstall the operating system a few times, still keeping the same the computer name, or just reinstalling McAfee its self. Because I had to reinstall McAfee on the same computer over and over again, It shows up multiple times on the list. I accidentally deactivated my account, and since then, I have been able to use the Subscription that came with my Dell laptop.  My laptop is the only laptop that uses that subscription that ended October. I ran the McAfee Virtual Technician but the Virtual Technician found no errors.  It still says that the software is deactivated.  I waited day after day.  then checked for updates again but still I get the same software is deactivated message.  Can I get some Help. I don't want to have to ended up using my another subscription for my brand new desktop.

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Re: McAfee Subscription: It won't let me active my Subscription

Hi Robert,

Kindly follow these steps and update me on the status.

Reactivate a license

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. My Account in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your McAfee user account and password.
  4. Log In.
  5. Select the Device Protection tab.
  6. Select the computer you want to reactivate and click reactivate.

(Or) To reactivate a license Right Click on the M icon and select reactivateReactivate.JPG

Update the McAfee Software once after Reactivating

Check for updates.JPG

To update the McAfee software Right Click on the M icon and select Check for updates

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