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McAfee SecurityCenter v11.0 - license issue

Hello Folks!

I bought McAfee Security Center with my laptop and the product expires on 24 August 2012. However I experience a problem with the license. I receive a message "your product is deactivated". This issue happens after I changed hard disk in my laptop and re-installed Windows 7 with a new Computer Name (ie Network Name...). Now, McAfee asks for reactivating but with money. In my account homepage it is very clear that the license expires in August.

I have to inform you that after changing the HDD I had to deactivate some PC Names from the list and now only one is activated. The problem is that the previous name which i deactivated is the same name as now. Is there any chance that I deactivated a valid PC Name?

Please help me. Kind regards,


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Re: McAfee SecurityCenter v11.0 - license issue

Hi Suman,

It seems that the PC names are renamed much similar that provoked the  confusion . Please follow the instructions here that would help you correct the subscription issue:


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