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Inscription ko (and support impossible).


(Sorry for my english, i speak usualy french)

I try to create a account to the site McAfee but no succes.

My account was (?) create but my password didn't work. I haven't recive no mail from McAfee.

I try to recovery my password but no mail.

I try to use the online support but i have "An Error Occurred." for the chat or mail.

Can you help me?



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Re: Inscription ko (and support impossible).

I will email someone in support to see if they can help you here in this thread.

Meanwhile please make sure that your operating system is totally up to date, especially Internet Explorer, even if you do not use it (McAfee does).

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Re: Inscription ko (and support impossible).

Hi thibs,

Please let me know the country you belong to ?( Preferably the one thaat you chose from our Support page.) Try the below link and let me know if you are successful If you are not successful then choose a country whose language is known by you.


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