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I cant activate my McAfee Antivirus

hi. i bought the original McAfree Antivirus program thing and i installed it succesfully. but after a few months - i think - they said i have to activate it. i wanted to reactivate it but it says i need internet connection. and when i got internet connection, it wont activate. so i unistalled it and installed it again and it worked! but not for long. the same problem happens again and i still cant activate it! im really frustrated about it and it keeps on popping out!! the same thing happen to my friend's laptop. and when i want to scan my laptop on my McAfee Security Scan, it says my laptop is in risk and this appears.;


so then i clicked FIX NOW but  a new tab opens with this site :


so i think that McAfee is just trying to promote their product by giving us bad service. im using Avira Anti virus right now!

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Re: I cant activate my McAfee Antivirus

Security Scan Plus is not protection software but merely a scanner that installs optionally along with 3rd party software such as Adobe products and all it does is tell you what protection you need.    You can uninstall it from Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (XP) Programs/Uninstall a Program (Vista/Windows 7).

You must have overlooked the option when downloading that software.   It's not a McAfee problem, sorry.

You say you are using what other McAfee software do you have installed?    You shouldn't have 2 antiviruses installed at once.

If you want to activate other McAfee software the Avira is probably preventing that.

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