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I cannot get access to My Account

I have two version of ID : on getting access to this forum I find my recorded ID is '' basab19  ', whereas in attempting to Log in I find it as recorded 'basabroy AT' . Again my psd with basab19 was say x1, I have to change it in response to my getting access in My Account in 2009 . Then it was let x2 coupled with ID 'basabroy AT' . Next say it came to X3 in response to basab19. Now which set of ID and Psd has been recorded I do not know. Now at every attempt I fail to get access in My Account. I cannot get the Security Software in my Account. The subscription has been updated for 2012. Please advice. My Mobile : +91 xxxxxxxxx.

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Re: I cannot get access to My Account

Post edited for your safety and moved to 'My Account Online' for better attention.   Until someone spots this you could in the meanwhile try contacting Customer Service Online Chat via the link under Useful Links above.

They should be able to answer any questions you have.

Your online account has no bearing on your forum/community profile.

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