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Duplicate Computers & Deactivation Issues

Hi. I have had McAfee Security Center on my laptop since purchase, in 2008. My desktop was using different security software, so when this expired I chose to purchase another McAfee licence for my desktop. When I initially logged in to my McAfee account, it stated I was over my licence limit (using 2 but entitled to one) - however it was showing the machine name twice - so I 'deactivated' the second computer which was in breach. At this point, I purchased a second licence and installed it on my desktop. I thought everything was ok, but tonight my laptop told me McAfee had been deactivated.

I went on to my account, to find there were now 4 instances of my laptop listed - so I deactivated them all on there, then did the 'verify subscription' thing on the laptop. This re-enabled Security Center on my laptop - but it says on it 'Software -> Deactivates in 7 days', and 'Your computer is secure (buy a subscription to stay protected)'. I have a subscription, and it says 'Active' next to one of the laptop instances in the my account listing!

How do I remove the duplicate listings of my laptop from my account, and how do I stop the cycle of deactivating/reactivating software??


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Re: Duplicate Computers & Deactivation Issues

Hi there,

Sorry for your frustration, Please get in touch with our chat technicians from useful links at the top of this page and they will look onto your subscription details to check what is behind the deactivate prompt that you get from within your security center and help you in getting the same resolved.


Dinesh K

McAfee Online Comuunity Moderator

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