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Customer Fidelity and price discrimination?

I pay 95 Euros for a  McaFee Total Protection with old performance, that is only 3 users and none smartphones. I started using it more than 5 years ago.

In 2016 McaFee offers under the same name of product 5 users with smartphones include for 85 euros, in line with market prices.

The question is: What do you think McaFee would do?:

    1. Provide the same product performance that ofers in the 2016 version release.
    2. Continue discriminating old loyal customers with less  product performance and higer price
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Re: Customer Fidelity and price discrimination?

Moved to My Account Online.   Products and prices change over time due to actual software changes and competitive reasons and there's nothing stopping you cancelling your old subscriptions at the end of the 1 year term, then starting on a new one at a better rate.

If you feel McAfee owes you something then by all means phone them directly.  Customer Service deals with all account matters as we have no access here.

Contact Support

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Re: Customer Fidelity and price discrimination?

                        Another way to approach the end of your expiry date and renewal. Is to go to your account and elect (Not) to have the 'Automatic Renewal' setting enabled. You of course can then choose to contact Customer Service as Colleague Ex_Brit suggested, Simply make certain you contact them 30 days before expiry date is due to expire.

                         And generally the case is, you can negotiate a reduced price especially having been a 'Loyal' subscriber. Quite often they may have a promotional offer going on as well. Having said this, they generally (Auto Renew) 30 days before your expiry date.

                           Which keeps your subscription and protection 'Active'.

Just thought I would add this....

All the Best,


McAfee Volunteer
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