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BT.COM Netprotect Plus - unable to download

I'm on BT Option 3 and have been unable to download the McAfee Net Protect Plus software. I've spoken with their helpdesk several times where they were blaming my password as the reason even though I was logging into their system ok. They are now saying its a server fault with McAfee and I should try again in 48 hours! Is this true or just a fob off? The helpdesk were polite but didn't give any confidence that they new what they were talking about.......

Any help appreciated.

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Re: BT.COM Netprotect Plus - unable to download

Hello graffs555,

Sorry for the bitter experience with the support, if you are referring to  McAfee tech support , kindly provide us with any service number that you might have received from them so as we could check on the same .

Alternatively , let us know the below information on your issue ;

Kindly let us know you operating system ?

What is the error that you receive while downloading ? Can you provide us with a screenshot ?


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