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Account problem

Hi guys,

Just today one of the PC's connected to my account will no longer "activate" when the machine starts up. Mcafee shows "Your computer is at risk" and refuses to update.

I have tried updating the software to get it to sync with my account to no avail. Also when trying to get into my account online today (28 june) the site seems VERY slow to respond and frequently gives "an error occurred while processing your request reference#"

Is Mcafee doing some site changes today that is stopping software checking for subscription status and also making the site unstable?

Thanks, Jay.

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Re: Account problem

I had no problem going to my account page about 5 minutes ago so I don't think there are any issues at their end.

There are two things to check, one is to make sure your computer clock is accurate, day and date as well as time and time-zone, and the other one you could try is the Subscription Repair Tool and if that fails contact Technical Support via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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