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2 computers, ? subscription

Hi, I have a Desktop computer that is a few years old that has McAfee installed. I recently purchaed a laptop that came with McAfee installed. My desktop subscription just auto renewed. My new laptop has a 4 yr subcription, can both computers share one subscription and can I cancel my desktop subscription? I have them both connected to a wireless router in hopes to set up networking. So I would appreciate some feedback on how to go from here with my subscriptions.

Thank You

Sue W

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Re: 2 computers, ? subscription

Do you know how many licenses you have with each subscription? If your new desktop that has a 4 year subscription has only 1 license then you can only use it in your desktop. If it has 3 licenses then you can use that subscription in the other computers.

You should call customer service and they can help you sort everything out. You can reach them by going to Useful Links under the top of this page.

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