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15 Months Free Subscription

Hi! I have recently purchased Dell Inspiron Laptop 3567. It comes with a 15 months McAfee free subscription. Due to some issue it went into recovery mode. When I recovered the Windows 10 from recovery drive, I am unable to find the McAfee. Can you please help me in getting the McAfee subscription. I don't have any DVD for McAfee. Thanks.

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Re: 15 Months Free Subscription

(Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee) Simply enter your Username and password to access your software download.

McAfee Volunteer

Re: 15 Months Free Subscription

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McAfee Volunteer

Re: 15 Months Free Subscription

First did you create an account with McAfee when it first booted? If so use teh email and password to open it and reinstall from there. I assume it is not showing in Programs and features?

Read this re accessing your account

After your first installation, you can install your McAfee software on an additional PC or Mac (as long as you have enough unused licenses). You can also re-install your McAfee software on your PC or Mac:

Step 1: Log in to the McAfee website

  1. Go to on the computer you want to protect.
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Type:
    • The email address for your McAfee account.
    • The password for your McAfee account.
  5. Click Log in.

Step 2: Start the installation

  1. Hover your mouse over My Account.
  2. Click Subscriptions.
  3. Click Add Device next to your McAfee subscription.
  4. Select the device type.
  5. Click Download.
  6. Select the McAfee product you want to install, and then click Download again.

If still an issue best to call customer service and they will assist you

Customer service

Re: 15 Months Free Subscription

Whoops like minds