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updating failed on mobile phone

Dear Sir,

RE: Mobile phone #: xxxxxxxxx
//Edit: (Jubo) Removed private information for security reasons. You are posting to a PUBLIC forum:

I have'nt received any reply from since July 2007. I emailed to them for a several times.
I have paid for the subscription 12 months. Now, I think it is already expired?
My dad's sony ericsson P990 has problem with updating the antivirus for many months.
And I forgot the password as well. Today, finally, I got the new login and password successfully.

I am willing to renew the subscption soon for sony ericsoon P990.
Can I renew? What should I do because I already got the new login and password today.

Please don't be hesitant to contact me should you have any enquiry.

Please advise me asap.

Thanks and regards,

William Tan
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RE: updating failed on mobile phone

I see that under that phone number you have vaild subscription for 'Mobile Security Suite' until 1/3/2008.

You should be able to login to on your cell phone and download from there.
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RE: updating failed on mobile phone

The seem can't open now. :confused:
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