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My lg phone wont unlock


I recently bought a used LG D631 and i cold booted it but  i realized i was supposed to enter a mcafee pin unfortunately i didnt put that pin on it and i cant get in touch with the person who sold me the phone. How do i get this lock from the phone.

Please help.

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Re: My lg phone wont unlock

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Re: My lg phone wont unlock

please try the following:

1- Turn off the phone

2- Remove the battery from the phone

3- Remove the Sim Card (only if your phone has one)

4- Wait 5 minutes

5- Insert them all back and turn it on.

6- Does it work now?

7. if no try to hard reboot it.

Re: My lg phone wont unlock

Remove the battery (if you have on, varies by carrier) from the phone and wait 20 seconds, then, with the battery still out, plug it into your wall charger, then place the battery back in and turn the phone back on.