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McAfee Security call handling strangeness


I've been running McAfee Security (v2.2.1.495) on an (Android 2.2.1) LG phone for a couple months and recently noticed that when one of my contacts calls me, the phone doesn't ring.  That is, the default ringtone is not played.  Instead, the phone just vibrates.  This works when other contacts call, but not this particular one. Anyone seen anything like this?

Stuff I've checked/tried:

  1. the contact is using the default ringtone.
  2. the phone is set to play the ringtone and vibrate. 
  3. explicitly added the user to the YesList, even though 'Include all contacts' is checked.
  4. all Call and SMS filter settings are 'Block NoList only'
  5. this contact is NOT in the NoList
  6. Filter log is empty

Any informed insights would be appreciated.


Edit - 2012-09-24:

I just upgraded to McAfee Mobile Security v2.2.2.610 and the problem still exists.

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