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Locate a device

I just recently installed McAfee on my android phone, and tried to locate the device with the GPS switched off.  No go.

After switching it on, there was no problem.  Now tell me... isn't this a little bit much to ask of a thief to please turn it on?

No joke.  I like McAfee, but I think that it should provide the means to remotely turn on the GPS like:

     Lost Android - Android Apps on Google Play

     Wheres My Droid - Android Apps on Google Play

For now, I guess I will use one of these apps or something similar in conjunction with McAfee.

If these guys can do it, why isn't an important functionality like this provided by McAfee?

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Level 20

Re: Locate a device

Good idea  best you add this as a product idea

Also is this actually anti theft i feel it is only a feature of the mobile McAfee product. Do this better in the mobile area thus I am moving the posts there

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