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LG G3 & MCAFEE MOBILE SECURITY serious factory block problem!!! HELP ME!!!

Good afternoon.

My name is João Torres and i come ask for help.

I bought the LG phone G3 for about 2 months.

LG G3 started having some strange problems. First, shut off by itself and finally performed a factory reset automatically when I put it to charge the battery.

The problem began precisely here...!!! The LG G3 asks for the security code of the program MCAFEE MOBILE SECURITY but I do not have this code, I never have signed up / login such application, using the LG G3 to perform the registration. So, I can not unlock the device.

The LG G3 is for repair, within the Portuguese company that made ​​the sale, MEO. They say they are not able to unlock the device and say it's my fault entirely, clearing himself of any responsibility for failure or equipment error, and I'm completely oblivious to the failure occurred in the LG G3 and not disposal of the security code / unlock MCAFEE MOBILE SECURITY program for the reasons described above, I never proceeded to the activation or log in implementing MCAFEE MOBILE SECURITY.

Is there any way of Macfee help me in this task in order to get unlock my fantastic LG G3 ???

I can provide proof of purchase of the equipment, or other documents MCAFEE may find it necessary to prove that I own the unit. Please help me!!!

At this moment I do not have the equipment, because as mentioned earlier, the same is for repair at MEO (Portuguese company that sold the device).

Sorry for my bad English. I am Portuguese.


João Torres

PS.: Please help me or I will have to throw out a gorgeous piece of hardware that unfortunately came with a serious factory problem!!! :-(
Added to all this, I will be without the €500 euros which was the cost of purchasing the LG G3. :-( :-( ;-( ;-(

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Re: LG G3 & MCAFEE MOBILE SECURITY serious factory block problem!!! HELP ME!!!

Best to get support in your own language.   FAQs/Pesquisa

It's a free phone call or you can use the online chat.

If that country is wrong change it at the top right.

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