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IPHONE Malware/trojan/Bizarre behavior

Once in a while I get this bizarre behavior on my IPHONE screen. (Screenshot attached) (The button says 'Approve' - in Hebrew).

I can't say if its SMS/MMS or something else. But it feels like Malware.

  1. Anyone familiar with this behavior or something similar?
  2. What should I do next?


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Re: IPHONE Malware/trojan/Bizarre behavior


         I moved this from 'Security Awareness' to Mobile Products. As it seemed more appropriate. Perhaps one of my Colleagues  will pick up this thread and add to the discussion,as they are well-versed in regards to phones. You can also contact Mobile Support and it is Free 24/7.  Services and Support for Home and Office

All the Best


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Re: IPHONE Malware/trojan/Bizarre behavior

Not knowing anything about iPhones doesn't help, I only have an iPad, but I would assume it's some App that has updated and requires approval.   Best post on a forum specializing in iPhones and ask about that possibility, meanwhile you could contact Support as suggested as well.  Also check that your registration with iStore is complete plus in your iTunes Account the phone is registered as a device there.

I doubt it's malware.

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