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Doctoral Research Contacts

I’m working on a P.h.D. paper and I had some questions I was hoping a professional organization could help me get answers to as relates to anti-virus functions on mobile devices…Specifically, I need to document the methodology for how an algorithm is tested against known and unknown signature basis to generate its detection rate citations, how testing is done for new OS’s (Such as anything other than Symbian for the cell phone platform, as this is where all of the research I’ve found is documented), how are power consumption and the level of interference a screening mechanism infringes upon other programs measured? What kind of tools are used for this form of diagnostics?

Can anyone direct me to the type of technical lab folks with whom I could discuss this type of investigation activity?  I have two papers that I’m writing to cite the methodology section for that this form of input is critical, and in general, only professional organizations have immediate access to this form of knowledge base.

Thank you so much for your help and attention in this matter.

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