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Anti-Virus for Windows Mobile 6.1

Is there a McAfee Virusscan available for Windows Mobile 6.1 Cellphones ?
Where can I get it?
We have purchased a license for McAfee 8.7.0i Enterprise for our Corporate Company and would like to know if the Mobile version can be installed on our PDA's, and also, will the license be included in our current subscription or would we have to purchase individual licenses for each device ? :confused:
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RE: Anti-Virus for Windows Mobile 6.1

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RE: Anti-Virus for Windows Mobile 6.1

As per other threads here...


Although VS Mobile is still available for download it is limited as to which phones and what platform and isn't being expanded to any more.
Meanwhile there is a manual and other info here:

If you check the drop-down list of phones here: you will see it is limited.

Miltonhork, I haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about so post was removed. But to the original poster juandre; Enterprise questions should go in the Corporate section.

Addendum: I just found this page - it appears that it is no longer being developed for individual retail sale but may be continuing in different forms through phone makers and/or mobile operators as an Enterprise product.
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