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browser issue - pehaps because of sidewinder

we have been experiencing an issue trying to run a particular process within our site that is externally hosted:

internet explorer never works, chrome and firefox work intermittenly. In particular firefox always works the first time you run the process and then it doesn't - i need to close firefox then re-open it log in again and run the process and it works  (i don't know whether this cookies related or anything).  I have checked the logs on our sidewinder .v70002 dashboard and there is no trace depicting an issue. This problem only happens within our domain in the office. from home and other locations we do not experience this problem. (we only use sidewinder in the office )

i forgot to mention that the calculated process can take upto 1 1/2 minutes. is there some time factor as well that perhaps the firewall checks before it drops the connection.

the error that i get from chrome is : error 324 (net: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE) The server closed the connection without sending any data

can someone advise whether there are some default filtering HTTP requests and responses seetings that i need to check on our firewall

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Re: browser issue - pehaps because of sidewinder

You need to upgrade your firewall to at least 70103.

If there is nothing in the audit I'm afraid we cannot tell you what the problem might be.  If some browsers work and some don't I would instantly say "This is not the firewall's fault."  The firewall does not care about the browser.

This sounds like a timeout issue outside of the firewall.  Not a Connect timeout (a timeout waiting for the SYN, SYN/ACK, ACK to finish), it sounds like a Session timeout.  The FW did a 3-way handshake but received no data back after that (which is what that Chrome error basically said).

You should call support to do troubleshooting.  You need to upgrade your firewall first though as 70002 is no longer supported.

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Re: browser issue - pehaps because of sidewinder

thanks sliedl

i hear what you are saying

but why don't we experience this from anywhere else when we try to execute the same process. And also why does it always work with the very first attempt?

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