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What is replacement unit for S3008 enterprise firewall

Can anyone tell me what the replacement unit for the S3008 Enterprise firewall is.

It has a last sale date of 30-Sep-15.

I have a number of units which I hope to replace early next year

Currently only the S4016 has a recommended replacement unit at the McAfee URL below.


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Re: What is replacement unit for S3008 enterprise firewall

If you go to '', and click on the link that should take you to the 'Firewall Enterprise' information pages, you are directed to a 'Security Connected' page, with no Firewall Enterprise information.  If you go to the main McAfee site, and click on the 'Network Security' section, you won't find any mention of Firewall Enterprise....  I think this probably says all that needs to be said regarding the situation with an S3008 replacement!  If you need the firewalls, and are happy with them, then order them before the 30th September, and run them for the next five years.  Otherwise look to migrate to McAfee Next Generation Firewall.

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