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Webreporter realtime logs showing incorrect time offset.

Hi all,

I'm using WebReporter 5.2.1 accepting realtime logs from MFE 8.3.2P06. Whenever I run a quickview report, I can't see any data from today.

In the 'Statistics' tab in Log Sources, I can see log records are being processed. When I check the realtime.log files, I see that the time offset is -5:00 (it should be +12:00). In the 'Processing' tab when configuring a log source, I've set the 'Adjust the time in UTC-based logs using this locale' to Fiji (+12:00).

The MFE shows the correct time zone and time. The server hosting WebReporter also shows the correct timezone and time.

Is there anything that I'm missing to get this working?



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Re: Webreporter realtime logs showing incorrect time offset.

What I would do is take a tcpdump on the interface of the firewall which faces the Web Reporter (the default port is 4500).  Write this tcpdump to a file, export it to a PC, and open it in Wireshark (or, easier, do the tcpdump via the Admin Console GUI and the resulting file will open automatically in Wireshark when it's done [provided you have that installed on your PC]).  Look at the data the firewall is sending, it's in plaintext.  If this time and GMT offset is not what you'd expect the problem could be on the firewall.  If this time and offset is correct then the issue exists on the Web Reporter.