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McAfee Blocking Access to RPC Calls

McAfee is blocking access to RPC calls. I have set all the firewall rules and allowed incoming connections from RPC on port 135 to no avail. The moment I switch off the firewall on McAfee ... everything works fine. Snapshots for the kind of issues i am facing. First one is to connect to eventlog on another computer thru the eventlog viewer..... have defined both rules on the windows firewall as advised and also created a new entry in McAfee opening port 135. The second one is where i am trying to go through an application to read the eventlog remotely ... Both methods work perfectly with mcAfee firewall off and also on machines where there is no McAfee but windows firewall is enabled. What is stopping this in McAfee?  Pl help ....

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Re: McAfee Blocking Access to RPC Calls

What McAfee product are you running? Consumer or firewall enterprise

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Re: McAfee Blocking Access to RPC Calls

Moved provisionally to Firewall Enterprise, if you indicate another product then I will move it again.





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