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MFE - Load sharing HA With LACP interfaeces

Hi everybody.

I need some help with this:


  • What scenario is the correct for HA (Load Sharing) with LACP?

          The LACP are Tagget Ports, so imagine that use vlan X, and the FW Cluster and SW Stack have a x.x.x.x/29 subnet with virtual IP x.x.x.3/29 (FW Cluster)

  • How many virtual ip can i create on a cluster?

Sorry for my bad english


Teniendo los escenarios anteriores, cuál es el correcto para implementar un Cluster en los Firewalls, donde se conectan mediante LACP con un stack de switches para tener Full Redundancia.

Cuántos IP virtuales se pueden crear en el cluster?


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Re: MFE - Load sharing HA With LACP interfaeces

I suggest you read the MFE 8.3.2 Product Guide section on High Availability.  It explains how it works and how to setup LSHA and the requirements for doing so.  You can have as many IPs on an interface as you want.

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