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Limit of Hardware Firewall Enterprise Virtual 8


Today, i got a VMware ESX Server 4.1 with a Linux Firewall running and treating/handling the network load smoothly.

We decided to migrate the firewall to a McAfee Firewall Enterprise VM 8.1 image.

The hardware that is hosting the ESX server is a HP Proliant DL 360 G5, with 4 Xeons cores @ 2.83 (each core) and 16GB of ram.

We dedicated 4 cores and 3gb of ram to the McAfee Firewall VM, wich is the same config used by the Linux Firewall VM.

When we flip the firewalls, shutting down the Linux Firewall briging the McAfee Firewall to prodution all worked, but only for 5 minutes.

It crashed, so we lost console access.

Monitoring the machine on ESX VSPhere Client it shows that the 3.2gbs of ram were allmost allocated, the memory in

use reached 2.9gb at the moment of the crash.

This VM has a 3,2gb limitation, cause it is 32 bits and do not have PAE extention in the kernel duo to system hardnening, i belive.

First doubt, is there a way to raise system amount of rqm above 3,2 gb?

Second, is there a 64bits vm version?

What could be the cause of the crash? Troughput Overload causing extrem memory consumption?

A known VM version bug?

I`ll try to collect more info, like logs and mem and kernel dumps and post them

here later.

Would someone give me some helpfull info?

thanks in advance

Gustavo Vila Verde
Infomach Soluções

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