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Interface speeds - Bug in admin console?

The standard documentation is quite short on detail around this and I was hoping someone here could help me understand. I am currently playing around with a Sidewinder 8.3.2 Standalone Appliance.

Within the NICs tab under Network>Interfaces I can edit the media type of any NIC from the default 'autoselect' to anything from 1000baseT to 10baseT/UTP.


This is reflected on the device itself when I go to command line and query the interfaces:


However, when I check the 'Interface and NIC Status' screen I see the Active Speed is still set to 1000baseT full-duplex. This remains no matter what media type I set:


The NIC shown is currently in use by interface 'Router2' however this behavior appears to be the same for NICs not in use.

So which do I believe?

  1. The NIC tab and device response telling me it is the new value I have picked OR
  2. The Status tab telling me the active speed is always 1000baseT full-duplex.

Any help is much appreciated!



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