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Help require to access sidewinder by admin console

Hi frendis, I am very new to Sidewinder, I have to acess 2X runiing Sidewinder firewall using admin console, please let me know do I have to permit my source IP(my laptop IP) in sidewinder to acess through admin console, as I have already installed admin consloe V8 client in my laptop.

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Re: Help require to access sidewinder by admin console

Admin Console access is controlled by a Firewall access rule allowing access from the LAN, but by default there are no source IP address restrictions.

The only condition is the Admin Console application on your laptop, must be the correct version for your Firewalls. They are backwards compatible within the same major release (Admin Console GUI for 8.3 will connect to an 8.2 or 8.1 system), but not across different major releases. If you have a v8 Admin Console installation, but are trying to connect to v7 systems it will not work.

Unfortunately, to make life difficult, the Admin Console version number is completely different from the Firewall version number.

My Admin Console installation for v8 systems is actually Admin Console v5.09.02, and the installation I have to connect to v7 systems is v4.11.

If you do not know which version of software is running on the Firewall, connect to the CLI and run the command "uname -a".


Re: Help require to access sidewinder by admin console

Thanks a lot Phil..... I will check my firewall software verson, and thaks again four your help.....

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