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Firewall boot error 'Could not reapply swede'

Hi all

Yesterday I managed to license my S3008 and then rebooted the device but now at boot I receive the following error:

Config reapply failed - see /var/log/swedeautotranslate.log

looking in this log displays:

config reapply error - generic error - could not reapply swede.

So I currently have a rather large door stop. any help would be much appriated.



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Re: Firewall boot error 'Could not reapply swede'


As I understand it all the configuration elements are written to a database called "swede" and this is what the Firewall works from. Historically, anything erroneous to do with swede is seen as being pretty terminal (though also quite rare, before you think you've bought yourself a dud). Ultimately, your best bet is to raise a ticket with support as they may be able to recommend something which doesn't involve anything quite so drastic as I am about to suggest.

Sometimes, when you are faced with a situation like this, the best option at your disposal is to re-image the appliance. You don't necessarily need to the installation media in order to do this. When you boot up the appliance with a screen and keyboard attached, you will be presented with an interim boot menu consisting of three options (each option linked to an F-key on the attached keyboard). By hitting F1 at this point in the sequnce the appliance will access a "virtual CD" containing a copy of the installation code and will re-image the appliance. You can then run through the initial set-up wizard and everything should be ready to go. All things being equal, this shouldn't take more than 15 minutes or so to complete.

Hopefully you will have a exported configuration backup to call upon and this will restore the various configuation elements to get you back to a working state.



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Re: Firewall boot error 'Could not reapply swede'

You will get this error 'could not reapply swede' if you are running into the same issue as in this recent thread.

You can try this:

- roll the audit with this command (this starts a new, smaller audit.raw file):

$> rollaudit -R d -w

- reboot the firewall

$> shutdown -r now

- when it boots back up it will go into singler-user mode (where you must hit enter to go to the /bin/sh shell)

- hit Enter, now open the audit with this command:

$> acat | less

- Look for an error like 'file does not exist' or the letters 'TSW' (for 'TSWGenericError', which happens when the code errors out)

There may be something wrong with your Sendmail configuration files which is causing the firewall to fail to boot.  That should be in the audit.  If you need some help doing all this feel free to call Support.