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Discussion about Geo-Location Members

Hello everyone.

I'd like to know what the community thinks of the following "members" listed in the Geo-Location "Available Members" list:

Anonymous Proxy


Satellite Provider

While we currently have five countries being actively blocked, I was wondering what the pros and cons would be for blocking these three entites.

Anonymous Proxy = My gut tells me to go ahead and block traffic from anonymous proxies.  I doubt any repressed citizens from certain countries are needing (or wanting) access to our business.  However, I can imagine some bad actors using anonymous proxies to attack us.

Other = If "Other" means every place that is not already covered by a specific location, my initial thought is that there would be very little harm in blocking traffic from it since there should be very few places that aren't already covered.

Satellite Provider = I have had much time to think this one through.

So, what say you, my fellow firewall admins (and McAfee experts)?  Any thoughts on these?

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Re: Discussion about Geo-Location Members

Here is more about the Anonymous Proxy category.

A very brief statement about the Satellite Provider category.  Basically, "Satellites serve multiple countries."

I think you are correct about "Other" being an IP that does not fit any other category.

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Re: Discussion about Geo-Location Members

Thanks for the links, sliedl. 

That's pretty much what I thought about Anonymous Proxy and Satellite Provider.  I'm leaning towards blocking all three of these.  But, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some input from the community in case I wasn't thinking of some legitimate use of these.

(I had a typo in my original post.  I meant to say "Satellite Provider = I have NOT had much time to think this one through.")

I'd love to hear any other thoughts or opinions.

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