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Creating firewall Rule for OCSP Responder traffic

My workstation clients are using Tumbleweed to pull CRL's from a OCSP Responder. I created a rule from the all clients on the inside with all known ports being open to the OCSP Responder group,  The flow of traffic for this rule is from internal burb to the external burb.  The problem is that this as the packets leave they communicate on a random source port (example: 15616) every time.

How can I change the rule so that it includes this random source port instead of leaving all known ports open?

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Re: Creating firewall Rule for OCSP Responder traffic

The firewall does not 'act' on the source port via the Rules.  It keeps track of the source port so return traffic can be matched to a valid session but you can't allow or deny traffic based on the source port.

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