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reports shows website, time and duration of visit?

Does McAfee family protection give you printable reports that show not only the website visited but for how long? 

I want to make sure Little Susie is not on Facebook for 2 hours when I told her 20 minutes.

I dont want email alerts.  I want to be able to look at a report at the end of the day that tells me what websites she visited and how long she stayed on each website.


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Moderator selvan
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Re: reports shows website, time and duration of visit?

Hi dpforumdog,

If you are the Administrator of Family protection you can restrict internet usage hours for your kid. To do this you need to create a username and password for your kid and edit its permissions. Please refer below images

adminlogin.png Admin.png


Re: reports shows website, time and duration of visit?

I do not want to restrict their usage!  

               I just want a log that has the following (3) things:

                                          (1)  What website they went to

                                          (2)  What time they got to the website

                                          (3)  What time they left.



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Re: reports shows website, time and duration of visit?

I dont know if the software can produce this information for you or not. Probably best to wait till Selvan gets back to you with the answer.

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Re: reports shows website, time and duration of visit?

Technically what you ask is almost impossible - what happens if they open a web page, and then open another browser and go somewhere else? Now you have two websites open at the same time..

What if she quickly switches between windows so only "sees" the page for a couple of seconds, then navigates elsewhere? That way she could be checking facebook all day, but only record a few minutes of "activity".

Also, apps tend to open sites continuously - for example the facebook app on a phone will check for updates all the time - it does not mean someone is using the app though.

Best to have this conversation with Susie in the "first life", but if you really need a technical solution, I hear this company makes a good product -

McAfee Support Mobile App Available
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