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View daily summary report

I have posted several times that some days I recieve the Family Protection Daily Summary Reports via email and some days I do not. Regardless, can anyone tell me the steps to view these reports as administrator when I am physically on the computer I am checking? At least then I won't be stressed feeling I don't know if or when internet surfing is being abused. It is a 40 minute hike for me across town to view this computer I purchased for a disabled sybling which is why the email summaries are important to me. When I do make the trip, the Family Protection is working great--I am just asking how to view the daily reports....I have it set to keep saved for 30 DAYS on the computer. It surely is something simple to view I am not seeing. Thanks so much!


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Re: View daily summary report

I know this is a little delayed.  But just joined the community. The way it works is if you have some updates (as in internet has been used during some part of the day) a daily update would be sent. Else you wouldnt be getting an email.

When you are physically on the computer that you are checking, here is what you have to do. In the systray (right bottom), you should find an MFP Icon. If you dont see it, expand the entire contents and it will be there hidden (thats the default). Right click and choose view activity reports. We got a nice little UI hidden over there.

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