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Possible to Read Website Posts From Usage Report?

I am able to see that my child posted something on a website and there is a bunch of cyrptic text in the blue box titled "content found".  Is there any way that I can actually read what was posted?  Also I can see which site URLs were visited by my child along with those that have been blocked.  They show up as a hyperlink but when I click them (also right clicked and chose open) nothing happens.  Thanking you in advance for your help.

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Re: Possible to Read Website Posts From Usage Report?


Try to copy the url and paste it to your browserand see whether you are able to login to that site.
Family Protection allows you to log internet usage on your computer., and thereby you can then view reports and make sure your child is accessing only sites and applications you approve.

Double-click the Family Protection icon in your taskbar.
Log in using your Administrator credentials.
3. Select Usage Reporting.
4  From the drop-down menu at the top, select the account to configure.
5. Move your mouse over the Status icon and select Turn On.
6. Choose to record Website Visits, Instant Messenger Conversations, and / or Programs Used Online by selecting the box beside each option.
You can allow the specified account access to their own usage reports by selecting that option.
  Click Save Settings.

NOTE: To view usage reports, right-click the Family Protection icon in your taskbar and select View Usage Reports...

Dinesh K

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Re: Possible to Read Website Posts From Usage Report?

Thank you for your reply.  I was able to do everyting except read my child's website posts.  In the Usage Report Viewer under Website Posts (Posted Data Summary) I can see the site URL and under it there is Content Found: and just under that there is what seems to be encrypted text or part of a link (see below)

...LPe  vUtzmAAHINQHTmXIaJXCP8HFdngWqeAC8URFHTYlIeSLXR1TNvgjS0nnl3xMhsbyiPMgxTUrbt16WmxqpUbiDJKbqMwo  tBLfg nyRxYy4vFSFmf8xIwxhWD5FRvauIbQnhODHEx1iAALthbRXt1qgYcGZmXsxLOhalCXmEPUzsvd  TDwaA2YAAAiNrh9dixRQRegAyt9xy1s2/LASM  ATwlXCeD/AogoKHuNJHC0MdACu/1UteOvJzKtN2vo8jSluqHrFLQbHSwC1G1XO5ChAe4QFI0WKftbHOqGQVgfJ9FGL1UdG34/HpRnBwHvn  5F7XSA0Gz4GOPStwAI9BLxITWIyNoqYROa7ishCyodeTODQyWILQHIS6k5jZIpmwCe02NSFTJJpfs...

Since each post begins and ends with a ... I can't copy and paste to read the actual posts.  Is there anyway that I can see what my child has posted?

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