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Parental Controls Glitch

I have McAfee // Comcast-McAfee Security Suite Version 9.11. My problem is that while in the past I could go into and re-configure the parental controls to "OFF" Then McAfee would say "Parental Controls (Disabled). Now while I up-date the internal configuration to the "Parental Controls" showing (OFF) in all fields, as you Click OK and back out the "Parental Controls Notification Header is always Stuck in the "(Parental Controls Enabled) regardless of the internal override configuration always showing "OFF". Whats up with that ?? !!! Regardless of how you re-configure the Advanced settings to Parental Controls "Off or On" this silly notification header does not change to mirror the correct internal changes as it correctly always did in the past. The Comcast // McAfee tech simply and quickly stated that is how this latter version does things now. It no longer shows a visual reresentation of it's most current parental choices. This situation is obviously way counter intuitive and sets the user up for failure all the while thinking that the "Parental Controls are enabled when they are not, while they show clearly being "Disabled" in the Advanced Configuration settings. is very upset. McAfee needs to take ownership of this internal glitch immediately and address it. I will call them again tomorrow and speak with someone different and see if the answer is the same.
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RE: Parental Controls Glitch

Duplicate post - go with your other on in Parental Controls:
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