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Mcafee Family Protection doesn't work with google chrome

Why is it that no websites are blocked by family protection in google chrome? It works fine with fire fox etc. Is mcafee intending to make family protection compatable with google chrome? What can i do to get family protection to block websites in google chrome. Also family protection isn't recording IM conversations from windows live messenger, why is this? Is this non compatable aswell?
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RE: Mcafee Family Protection doesn't work with google chrome

Chances are this might be caused by issues with Chrome itself, since Google is constantly changing the way it performs through updates. I am sure a fix is on the way for it, however, uUntil Google Chrome is a little more stable, one of the things you can do is right click your McAfee Family Protection icon, choose Program Blocking, and block Chrome.exe. That way, you can force all the users to use something more stable, like Mozilla Firefox instead for now.
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