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McAfee Family Protection

I have Family Protection on my laptop and want to remove it.  When I try the Administrator username and password I have from when I set it up; the system is not accepting it.  How do I find out my Administrator logon and password?  If I click on "forgot password" - it send me a regular username and password, not Administrator.

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Re: McAfee Family Protection

Hi heatherj0615,

Could you please let us know if you have this issue with McAfee family protection standalone suite or the one included in your security suite from Verizon ?

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Level 7

Re: McAfee Family Protection

I've got a similar issue except that I don't even get the forgot password option due to having problems with the operating system. How can I remove mcafee and get out of this loop?

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Re: McAfee Family Protection

Hi benderr2001,

Kindly click on my user name and send me a private message so as we could reach you to uninstall the programs off your PC.


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