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Level 7

MFP User Account Log In Issues

Running XP Pro (UTD), IE8 (UTD), McAfee Internet Security (UTD), and I just downloaded the McAfee Family Protection.

I set up an account with me as Admin, and my daughter as a user.

Here's the issue ... when logging into her account, the MFP disables itself. And essentially her accound ends up w/o internet access at all.

Any ideas on what I may have set up incorrectly?  Thank you

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Level 9

Re: MFP User Account Log In Issues


Inorder to Make changes to the MFP, you must login as administrator, both in MFP as well as in the Windows user account. Once you have logged into the Administrator Account in windows , you can login with your admin username and password for the MFP , and disabled the timelimits,web blocking for your daughter MFP account. So that the Internet connection will not be blocked for her Account.

Best Regards,

Raja Gopalan.S

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