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Issues with time limits

Using Family Protection (from Cox Cable) and having constant issues with the Time Limits feature. Everyday, my kids are blocked incorrectly. To resolve, I have to go into the Admin settings, select Time Limits for each kid, and toggle the Time Zone. I normally change the Time Zone to another (incorrect for us) zone, then back to the correct time zone, and then the time limits seem to work right....for a while. Why does the program keep getting confused on the Time Limits and forcing me to kinda "wake it up" or "kick it" each day ?

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Re: Issues with time limits

Not using the MFP product I can only guess.  Is the machine connected to the Internet and showing the right time and timezone for the system clock?  That would be how it synchronizes these things I would imagine.

There's a FAQ on it here:  How to set up McAfee Family Protection Time Limits

But as you are using Cox I guess you are in the US which has 24/7 free online phone (or chat) Technical Support, I would take advantage of that.  Link below.

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