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Family Protection is blocking sites that I have allowed.

I can't get on my son's elementary school page... and he needs to get his homework done.  Apparently it doesn't like the word "Grapeland."  So then I added the url to the allowed websites list.  Then I tried both searching for the site on google and I tried typing the name directly.  Still, it won't allow the site.  I thought it might just take some time, but it has been over an hour.  I have also restarted the computer and run the virtual technician, which said it corrected some antivirus software problems, but nothing on the family protection thing.

Specific error:

"You're Not Allowed to See this Web Page

This search contains one or more keywords that your administrator has chosen to block using Family Protection. If you think this is a mistake, you can ask your administrator to let you see this web page."

Please help.

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Re: Family Protection is blocking sites that I have allowed.

Hi rjd1234,

                Welcome to McAfee Communities. Although I do not utilize (Family Protection) as I have included with my "McAfee Total Protection" Suite ( Parental Controls).

Which seems similar in Protection/Settings. It seems that in your (Optional Settings) you have either Allowed/Disallowed a particular URL/Site?

Or either in your (Custom Settings) have disallowed certain critera as (Social Sites/File Sharing/etc...You may try going back to the (Custom Feature Settings) and distinguish which area of the individual settings that may have to be allowed?

As I am not familiar with the particular settings with-in (Family Protection)  I can only suggest that you enter your Password/Hint and check the above mentioned. As (Family Protection) seems to be a "Stand Alone" feature, I cannot suggest you to go to the (Help) area for a Step-by-Step Guide and Tutorial on how to access and use your McAfee Features.

So therefore, unless someone picks up this thread, whom is more knowledgeable in regards to (Family Protection) as a whole. I recommend contacting Technical Support, and explaining your issues for assistance. It is (Free) and can be reached through the following Link Provided;

I apologise for being in-capable for supplying you a definitive answer to your issue, however I sincerely hope that the LIink provided will hope fully resolve your issues.

Edit; I might add for your benefit, and better assistance. This thread be moved to (Family Protection)

Wishing you all the Very Best,



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